My User Manual

Working Conditions

I like working in an honest, safe space where anyone can share what they think.

I like to make an impact, take significant, creative risks, own and solve unique problem areas.

I work async: sometimes I’m responsive; other times I’m not.

Need personal space, natural light, and fresh air.

Working Hours

I make my work time work around my life.

I like to keep all my meeting times in a set window to focus more throughout the day.

Sometimes I overwork, get unfocused, and burn myself out.

On Feedback

I want to hear it all, face-to-face. Just be straight with me. I don’t know everything.

I like feedback that is radically honest, specific, timely (instant), and constructive. Examples can be super helpful.

Feedback is about coming from a place where we value each other, our relationship and want to help each other.

What I Need

To learn constantly, growing and developing my own set of skills.

I need time to reflect.

Authenticity - I find it really hard to be around bullsh*t, inconsistency, or incongruence.

Candor, focus, empathy and values.

How I Learn

I learn through doing.

Learning from others on what’s worked, exchanging ideas, and adopting and applying it with my unique spin.

I learn best when I operate just slightly outside my comfort zone.

I am good at reading & writing but not good at listening & speaking.

Things I Struggle With

Taking on too many things in parallel to feel busy or doing more.

Frustration when seeing problems in my area, but I feel like I cannot control or am not supported to make a change.

If I don’t understand the wider purpose behind why we are doing something, I find it hard to engage with.

Unnecessary process. I like minimum-viable-process: what is enough for the team's size, the type of project, the types of people, and the types of outputs looking to be created.

I Love

Connecting up the dots of what we are doing.

Communication, organization, and optimization.

A generative, risk-taking culture that has a flag in the ground about what it stands for.

Actions speak way more than words in my book.

Freedom to work on what, when and where I want.